Terms for Submissions

This page outlines some of our key terms relating to user submissions (including submissions people make via our “Get Involved” page). To view our full terms please refer to section 3 of our Terms and Conditions by clicking here. And if you have any questions please contact us by email here and we will be happy to help.

  1. When filling in the Get Involved form, we ask for your name and email address. We do not sell or pass on these details to third parties, and we do not use these details for marketing purposes. We ask for this information in case we need to contact you (e.g. if we have a question about your submission).
  2. By submitting User Content (words, quotes, anecdotes, stories, ideas, concepts, drawings or photographs) via The Wisdom of Kids “Get Involved” form (or any other forms on our website, or by submitting User Content direct to us via email, Twitter, Facebook, telephone, post or any other method) you are giving us (The Wisdom of Kids Ltd) permission to use it for commercial purposes, for example, to have it appear on this website, on Facebook, or to include it in books, on greeting cards and on other products; in any format (digital, print or other).
  3. You confirm that the User Content you are submitting is completely original, you are the sole author of the User Content and you are not infringing anyone’s copyright. If you are not the sole author of the User Content, you confirm that you have obtained the copyright holder’s permission to submit the User Content and grant us the rights listed here and on our Terms & Conditions page.
  4. We will not give you credit for the User Content (e.g. if it appears on our Facebook Page, you will not be credited for it). Likewise, we will not publish your surname or email address unless you give us your prior permission, or you are entering one of our competitons (for example, sometimes we may publish the names of winners or contestants).
  5. If you are submitting content you have heard a child say, we may publish the child’s first name (not their surname) and the age of the child, if you have provided this.

By submitting User Content to us (The Wisdom of Kids Ltd) you agree that you have read, understood and agree to the terms for submissions outlined above and the full terms of our Terms and Conditions page.

Thank you for submitting content and if you have any questions relating to our terms or to your submission, please email us via our Contact Us page.