Tweeting Jamie Oliver

Screenshot of Jamie Oliver's humorous tweet in reference to The Wisdom of Kids

I love celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, so imagine my delight last week when The Wisdom of Kids got a tweet from Jamie Oliver himself! Considering he has over 5 million Twitter followers, I certainly wasn’t expecting a reply, but he didn’t disappoint…

One of our fans submitted a very funny quote from their child and we added it to The Wisdom of Kids collection – it is pictured at the top of the page and reads:

“What things do you love doing?”
Jamie, age 4: “I love going to the cinema and I love c*ck porn!”

(This was said very loudly at the time, causing much embarrassment, lol!)

For a bit of a giggle, I tweeted Jamie Oliver this rather cheeky Wisdom of Kids quote, asking him if he might be the “Jamie, age 4” author of the quote – what with it being food related n’all! To my surprise he tweeted back a short but humorous: “Busted”

Ha ha! This really shows his terrific sense of humour and certainly made me smile. I’ve been a fan of Jamie’s for quite some time and admire all he is doing to teach children about healthy eating and his campaigning to drive positive change in food education and public health. He is dedicated to improving the health of future generations through the food they eat. I find his work inspiring and so important – to learn more, visit the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

I hope you found this little celebrity-twitter anecdote as amusing as I did, I love connecting with people on Twitter, so much fun! Others I’ve connected with through The Wisdom of Kids include: Peter Andre, Dannii Minogue, supermodel Caprice and Boy George – when I asked Boy George what’s the funniest thing he said as a child, to my delight he not only replied to my tweet, but starting following me – how lovely!

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter it’d be wonderful to connect, please come and say hello – you can find me at @wisdom_of_kids or @TheLondonStudio. And for the lovely Jamie Oliver, you can follow him here: @JamieOliver

Soula x

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