From Moshi Monsters to PopJam!

Creator of Moshi Monster and PopJam with The Wisdom of Kids' creator, Soula Zavacopoulos

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Michael Acton Smith, the creator of Moshi Monsters (pictured with me above). It was a chance meeting but we clicked straight away and he absolutely loved The Wisdom of Kids, even taking photos of some of our funny designs and tweeting them to his followers there and then!

Michael (or Mr.Moshi as he’s otherwise known to many of his young fans!) invited The Wisdom of Kids to become an official channel on his new mobile app and social network, called PopJam, which is described as an “Instagram for kids”.

It’s a fun new app that allows children to create art, poetry, stories, photos and add interactive elements to their “creations” which they can then share with other children. The children can follow each other, and follow “channels” or “fan pages” such as Lego, Minions, Disney’s Frozen, One Direction, Little Mix, The Beano – and now the new Wisdom of Kids page!

Soula 🙂

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