Brand Spanking New


What a momentous day – this is my first post onto our brand spanking new website! I hope you will all enjoy the new website and check back regularly, as over the coming months we’ll be adding more fun stuff!

Our Facebook page has been a fantastic way for us to connect with people and spread the laughter, I’ve made some really lovely Wisdom of Kids friends on Facebook, and Twitter too, so hopefully this website will be another great way to connect, keep in touch and of course, have some chuckles as we celebrate the sweet and funny things kids say and do!

Often our Facebook friends comment on our posts and tell us the funny things their children have said, done or drawn. We’ve made a place right here on the website where you can do this too – just head to the “Get Involved” page and let us know what a child has said that’s tickled your funny bone, or made you go “Ahhh!”

If you’ve come straight here and not seen us on Facebook  yet, please take a quick detour and “Like” our page, as I try to regularly post up funny things; we also have competitions, special offers and more!

That’s all for now, enjoy browsing the new site and feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you think!

Soula x