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Welcome to the wonderful world of The Wisdom of Kids, where you’ll find some of the most hilarious comments and anecdotes from children about love, life, the differences of the sexes and more!


The Wisdom of Kids gift book selling in aid of BBC Children in Need during November 2014

Giving 100% to BBC Children in Need

We have some exciting news! During November and December 2014 we will be giving 100% of the profits from sales of our book, The Wisdom of Kids, to BBC Children in Need, helping disadvantaged children across the UK.

Our friends at Ryman Stationery have collaborated with us to help make this happen.

The book will be on sale from 11th November in 98 Ryman stores across the UK and online here!

A special price of £4.99 (£2 off the normal retail price) has been set for this fundraising campaign and at least £4 from the sale of each book will benefit BBC Children In Need.

Neither Ryman or ourselves will make a penny – all 100% of the profits will go to the charity. So please get behind us and buy a copy of the book! You will be helping children across the UK who really need our help – and you could also stock up on a fab Christmas present for friends and family while you’re at it!



The Cringe Factor

Ah, the joys of parenthood. We can’t wait until our little ones utter their first words and learn to speak to tell us what they are thinking and feeling.

Then when they do, we come the the startling realisation that with all that chatter comes some rather akward and embarrasing moments! Did my little angel really just say that? And in public?!

You are not alone! Some of the most hilarious Wisdom of Kids anecdotes are from parents telling us funny things their little ones have done that mortified them!

It may be a word they mispronounced – like shouting out in the cinema how much they love c*ck p*rn! Blush!

Or an innocent observation in public…

Joel, age 4: “Why does that man shave his forehead?” – said loudly while staring at a man with a receding hairline who was queuing next to us at the supermarket!

What has your child said to make you blush? Or perhaps you’ve overheard a child saying something cringe-worthy or hilarious!